The importance of properly cleaning your THEAULT horsebox

The importance of properly cleaning your THEAULT horsebox

You enjoyed your rental of one of the many THEAULT quality vehicle present on our platform? 

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and now you have to give it back. 

Two important steps before returning it: fill the tank and clean the vehicle! In order to be sure not to forget anything, we show you below the recipe for a proper cleaning!


The necessary equipment : 

  • A shovel
  • A broom with a scrubbing brush
  • A high-pressure cleaner (Karcher type or cleaning station)
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A cloth
  • Good music for the motivation


         The steps : 



All personal belongings, food packaging and waste must be removed. Dust off the entire dashboard with a cloth and then vacuum every corner of the cabin, especially if you have eaten there or taken children and animals. Do the same for the seats if necessary. Clean the windows and windscreen inside with a glass cleaning product. 

Remember to ventilate the cabin well afterwards. This avoids the accumulation of pathogens in a closed place.


          cabine_tres_sale            cabine rtès propre

           We are sure that you can do better                                        Perfect



Horses are just like us. They like to be in a healthy and clean place. So think of the next tenants and do a complete cleaning.

  • 1st step : Remove the droppings. 
  • 2nd step : All residues (straw, hay, shavings) must be swept away with a broom. Nothing should remain, at the risk that it sticks to the passage of water. 
  • 3rd step : Open the drain hatch and use the high-pressure cleaner. Hose down won't be enough. Don't come to close to the surface so that you don't damage the paint. 

         interieur chevaux très sale                  interieur chevaux sale  

                            Ouch ...                                                        Just a little more effort ! 

       interieur chevaux propre  interieur chevaux tres propre

                        You are on the right track                                That's perfect ! 




  • 1st step : Ditto as for the horses part, remove all the dirt and use the high pressure cleaner (watch out for the paint!)
  • 2nd step : Be careful, remember to close the drain hatch of the horse part and close the whole vehicle     





    We see that the horse appreciated the hay                                    We love it! 




Use an high pressure cleaner on the entire exterior. First use a cleanser and then rinse with clear water. Forget nothing: the tires, the windshield, the bumper, the mirrors. Stay afar from the stickers so as not to take them off.



There you go, you are now ready to give the horsebox back to its owner!

Please contact the rental agent if you have any additional question! 


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