The Perfect rental for the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games

The Perfect rental for the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games

As the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics Games approach, the preparation of teams and athletes is a keypoint. And what could be more crucial than safely transporting horses to the competition venues?  This is where THEAULT's special rental service comes into play, offering reliability and comfort to all passengers, whether human or equine.   

As an integral part of the equestrian history, THEAULT is committed to providing the safest, most ergonomic and comfortable vehicles to ensure the best transport for horses. Their flagship product, the PROTEO Switch© (the most common one found on our platform), has been developed to meet all requirements. Each horse, with its unique morphology and personality, has preferences during transport. Thanks to the modularity of the Switch© system, you can instantly configure the vehicle to meet your horse's specific needs. This enhances their comfort and your performance! 

This year, THEAULT celebrates its 100th anniversary, and for this occasion, a special edition is launched! Since 1924, THEAULT has been designing vehicles synonymous with freedom and quality. To mark this milestrone, a "special 100th anniversary" model has been developed with exclusive finishes to let you (re)experience a century of history. 

For the occasion of the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, THEAULT and Renteo are joining forces to offer you a service specially designed to meet your needs during this event. Flexible, comprehensive, and tailored to your requirements, the rental offer allows you to focus entirely on the competition. As the world leader in equine transportation, you can trust the French reference, celebrating its centenary this year. 

Our rental packages include everything you need for a serene transport: 

24/7 Assitance 

Your rental includes assistance for both the vehicle and the transported horses. No matter where you are, a network of professionals is available to assist you 24/7, ensuring that no unforeseen event steals your victory! If your vehicle cannot be repaired on-site, transportation of the horse is arranged to your stable, its final destination, or to a nearby equestrian facility**. If the vehicle cannot be repaired within 2 hours, accommodation for horses and passengers is organized and covered**. Our 24/7 assistance services are accessible in all scenarios, including mechanical breakdowns***. 

Don't leave anything to chance during your travels to the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. Choose the reliability, comfort, and exceptional service of our rental offer, and focus on what truly matters: the competition. 


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*Monthly offer calculated based on a 6-month rental and 10,000 km of a PROTEO Switch. Vehicle and horse maintenance and insurance included. Subject to approval by THEAULT Finance. SAS THEAULT Finances - RCS 903 559 706 - ORIAS No. 20007344 can be consulted at www.orias.fr. | ** See reimbursement ceilings. | *** Excluding age limits and subject to reimbursement ceilings.


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