Winter transport : is my horse cold or warm ?

Winter transport : is my horse cold or warm ?

As a rider or owner of a horse, it is important to take care of his well-being, especially during transport. Many people are wondering once on the road: is my horse too warm or too cold in the horsebox? This article will help you give your horse the best chance to travel in good conditions in winter!

Too warm in winter??

Yes, even in winter, your horse can be too warm during transport, either because he is too covered or because he is under stress.


Indeed, transport is not a natural situation for the horse, and it is important to get him used to it from a young age so that this moment is as common as possible. Despite this, a bad experience or a trauma can cause stress to the horse. He will become nervous; his breathing and cortisol (stress hormone) levels will increase, and he will sweat excessively. If the horse is covered, he can be found soaked under his blanket after being unloaded. It is therefore essential to anticipate this stress phenomenon, which can lead to a heat stroke even in the middle of winter.


I am transporting an unclipped horse.

If your horse is not clipped and does not usually wear a blanket, you can transport it in its simplest form (without forgetting the transport protections!). Remember to let the air circulate in the truck, by opening one side window and one at the back.

I am transporting a clipped horse

If your horse is clipped, it is a real struggle to decide which blanket he needs to travel in! Fortunately, there are little treasures of technology that allow you to know in real time if your horse is too warm or too cold.


The Orscana sensor from Arioneo

The brand Arioneo has developed a very useful tool: the Orscana sensor. Thanks to the sensor, which is placed under the blanket, and an application on your smartphone, you are aware if your horse is too warm or too cold. Statistics and advices are provided to keep your horse at the right temperature all winter long, whether in the pasture or in the stable, and even during transport.


How does it work?

It is very simple, just place the sensor under the horse's blanket and connect it to your smartphone, Orscana does the rest.

During a transport it is ideal! Just ask your passenger (if you are driving!) to look at the app to see if your horse is too warm or too cold. If so, you can stop and change the blanket.


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